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Certified courses and bespoke training to take you to the next level

For more than a decade, ELS has been supporting organisations and individuals across a range of sectors, developing and delivering business training solutions.

Our status as an Accredited Training Organisation means that our courses and training are recognised both nationally and internationally, whether we are running certified courses or designing bespoke training to suit specialist requirements.

All courses are developed by experienced consultants and facilitated by qualified trainers who work within the areas that they train.

Do you work in the NHS?

View our NHS courses and training here.


Certified courses to advance your professional development

As an Accredited Training Organisation, ELS recognises the importance you place in the investment of continuing professional development for your individuals and teams.

That is why we provide a comprehensive range of certified courses across all industry sectors.

And if you are an individual keen to invest in your own CPD, we have courses that can cater for just what you need.

See our Courses page for the full range of accredited courses…

Are you a member of the Armed Services looking for a certified course?

View our courses and training here (different funding applies).

Bespoke training for exactly what you need

If you require a specific course or training, ELS has extensive experience developing and delivering training across a wide range of disciplines and in both the public and private sectors: from national organisations such as the NHS and Civil Service, to big business.

As specialists in education, learning and development, we can design and deliver training to meet your exact needs – and to a standard that meets the accreditation requirements of national awarding bodies.

Recent bespoke training includes:

  • Leadership and Management – styles, traits, team-building, roles, character, resources, strategies, personal and professional development.
  • Project Management – planning, estimating, PBS, WBS, utilising Microsoft Project.
  • Risk Management – creating a risk register, identifying risks, collation techniques, mitigation, ownership, action, risk vs issue, threats/opportunities, escalation/de-escalation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – stakeholder: identification, analysis, mapping, engagement strategies and management.
  • Communicating Effectively – written communication, briefing, presentation, negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, understanding the Target Audience.
  • Applying Legislation – navigation, referencing, scenario-based application.
  • Active Listening Skills – feedback, debrief, mirroring.
  • Social Media – use of social media platforms to influence and communicate messages effectively.
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